Broadsword Partner Form


1.   Salute partner (stork cools wings )
2.   Chop to neck (dragon lashes tail )
3.   Retreat guard left
4.   Retreat and deflect right
5.    Retreat guard left
6.   Retreat and deflect right
7.   Thrust to the ribs
8.   Poke to the neck
9.   Withdraw the wrist
10. Block high
11. Ride tiger and cut wrist
12. Raise sword, slice for head
13. Turn and chop to wrist (switch sides )


1.   Salute partner (stork cools wings )
2.   Turn and chop to wrist
3.   Pull level sword
4.   Thrust sword
5.   Pull level sword
6.   Thrust sword
7.   Side step, deflect
8.   Raise sword to block
9.   Chop to wrist
10. Cut to the neck
11. Slice the knee
12. Withdraw with spinning sword
13. Chop to neck (switch sides )

Sequence of Initiation and Neutralization of Strikes:

A1 and B1 simultaneous, A2, B2, B3, A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, B6, A6, A7, B7, A8, B8, B9, A9, B10, A10, B11, A11, A12, B12, Switch sides B13 (A2 ), A13 (B2 ), etc…