Solo Cane Form

  1. Immortal points the way N, E, & W
  2. Snake creeps down (yin/yang palms ) W
  3. Thrust W
  4. Embrace the moon N
  5. Chase the birds out of the tree E
  6. Downward strike W
  7. Bouncing stick (vertical ), thrust W
  8. Block knee and strike temple W
  9. Retreat to ride tiger SW
10. Slanted flying NW
11. Retreat to ride tiger SW
12. Bouncing stick (horizontal ), strike W
13. Snake creeps down W
14. Thrust W
15. Embrace the moon S
16. Thrust W
17. Retreat to ride tiger SW
18. Hit tiger at right W
19. Retreating whirlwinds W
20. Spin and strike to rear E
21. Twist and spiral left, then right W
22. Ride the tiger and thrust SW, NW
23. Circle to face E
24. Cat flicks tail E
25. Dragon lashes tail E
26. Block down and thrust NE, SE
27. Circle to face W
28. Cat flicks tail W
29. Double downward strike W
30. Bouncing stick (vertical ), thrust W
31. Block knee and strike temple W
32. Diagonal downward strike W
33. Return cane to safe keeping N

Learn the movements slowly and carefully attending to correct posture (bone level ). Then add softness, connecting and flowing from movement to movement smoothly and easily (muscle level ). Gradually start to add speed and weight to the strikes being sure not to loose correct posture or relaxation. Finally strikes should explode into a coiled readiness for the next movement with the mind empty, relaxed and receptive (energy and spirit levels ).