Partner Cane Form

      A.       B.
  1. Bow   1. Bow
  2. Thrust to stomach    2. Rollback
  3. Whirling strike to side of head   3. Withdraw whirling block
  4. Withdraw, protect wrist   4. Raise stick, strike wrist
  5. Swat strike to side of head   5. Whirl, duck down
  6. Withdraw knee, sweep stick aside   6. Strike the knee
  7. Whirling block    7. Whirling strike to side of head
  8. Raise stick, strike outside of knee   8. Ride the tiger
  9. Roll back   9. Strike to head
10. Thrust to head 10. Roll back
11. Strike inside of knee 11. Sweep stick aside, spin, strike knee
12. T-step, withdraw knee, block 12. Reverse spin, whirling strike to side of head
13. Withdraw, whirling block, sweep stick aside, spin to strike knee 13. Cross step, block low
14. Raise stick to protect head 14. Raise stick, strike to head
15. Switch to side B #4-strike wrist 15. Switch to side A #4, withdraw, protect wrist

Continue back and forth A to B to A to B

Sequence of Initiation and Neutralization of Strikes
Bow (A1, B1 ), A2, B2, A3, B3, B4, A4, A5, B5, B6, A6, B7, A7, A8, B8, B9, A9, A10, B10, A11, B11, A12, B12, A13, B13, B14, A14, A15 (B4 ), B15 (A4 ), (A5 ), (B5 ), etc….


Learn the movements slowly and carefully attending to correct posture (bone level ). Then add softness, connecting and flowing from movement to movement smoothly and easily (muscle level ). Gradually start to add speed and weight to the strikes being sure not to loose correct posture or relaxation. Finally strikes should explode into a coiled readiness for the next movement with the mind empty, relaxed and receptive (energy and spirit levels ).