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"Song Writing for Geniuses

Click to Enlarge  I think your songwriting book is a breath of fresh air in the world of strap-on-straightjacket "pop method" books.  Having just endured a year of songwriting-formula feedback from a local organization (which I mistakenly paid to join seeking some creative community) I can really appreciate the kind of open-ended suggestions you offer.

Your short essay format I find very inviting, and what you have to say is clearly from your own experience so it rings true.  The first thing that stuck for me was your advice about writing ideas down, which I've put to the test & now have quite a collection of sticky notes.  It's true that you think you'll remember these ideas--until you forget!

Also your thoughts about the energetic aspects of writing and listening to music is something I've never heard expressed in quite this way before.  The experience of "release" you describe, which is related to & informed by your T'ai Chi practice, can be developed to serve as an inner guide in the creative process.  That along with your musings on mystery and inner genius really puts this book in a league of it's own--it's a small book with a very big mission.

I'm going to buy a couple more copies to give to friends!

Note:  From the first time I ever heard Gene Burnett play and sing, I knew his songwriting was the real thing.  And though we've performed & recorded together I've always considered him a mentor as well--and this book shares some of the heart and wisdom behind the songs that so many people have loved over the years.  Do buy this book, and go to his website to listen to songs too!

Victor Cummings
Musician / Teacher
Portland, OR

Datta Groover - Public Speaker & Speaker Trainer I have a whole library of books on songwriting. This one stands out because it is simple and to-the-point. It's a great way to get good, fast. By good, I mean able to get your message out, get your song written and get into people's hearts, the way Gene does when he sings the songs he's written. Gene's not witholding anything here - this is the real thing.

Datta Groover
Public Speaker & Speaker Trainer
Fort Collins, CO

Datta Groover - Public Speaker & Speaker Trainer  I've written dozens of songs over the years. I found Burnett's tips for songwriters to be concise, clear, and sharp. If you've got some clunky lyrics you want to bring to life or a hot riff missing the right words, pull this little book out for some guaranteed inspiration.

G.L. Kay
Ashland, OR

I own and/or have read most songwriting books on the market. I had not read Gene Burnett's book so I figured I'd give it a try.. Wow!!! Was I amazed! No, this book does not delve deeply into specific songwriting techniques. For that I recommend Jimmy Webb's 'Tunesmith'. But for simple, yet sage advice written in a Taoist manner, I heartily recommend this book.. In some ways it is similar to Philip Toshio Sudo's classic "Zen Guitar". That, in itself, speaks for itself. This book offers 25 excellent tips that everyone songwriter can use including tips on where to get inspiration, how to trust your own 'genius', how to develop and hone songwriting skills, and more. 'Songwriting For Geniuses' is a book that every aspiring songwriter should own.. Mine holds a special place in my songwriting library.

Anonymous Amazon Review