T'ai-chi Ch'uan Fast Form

Warm-up Exercises: Hsing-I Five Element Fists

Pi Ch'uan Tsuan Ch'uan Beng Ch'uan Pao Ch'uan Heng Ch'uan
Splitting Fist Drilling Fist Crushing Fist Pounding Fist Crossing Fist
Metal Water Wood Fire Earth

Section 9

  1. Bow Salutation  N 29. Turn, clawing hands, axe foot right   N
  2. Splitting Right-2  N 30. Bouncing hands   N
  (option: substitute splitting right, left, right ) 31. Whirl, parry and punch right   N
  3. Left grab, pull, right palm strike   N 32. Turn, parting horse's mane L  (right, left, right )  S
  4. Right grab, pull, left palm strike   N   (option: do while stepping backwards )
  (option: add crossing fist right and left ) 33. Monkey strikes out (left, right, left )   SE/SW/SE
Step up, roll back, press and push   N 34.
Twisting strike with right elbow   E
  6. Single whip, snake seeks pearls   S 35. Stepping strike with right elbow   S
  7. Monkey strikes temple (right and left )   S 36. Chop with fists (forward, high )   S
  8. Cross hands, right high kick   S 37. Step back, chop with fists (backward, low )   S
  9. Step up, knee strike, wind fills ears   S 38. Ride the tiger left   S
10. Twist, hands chop down   W 39. Whirl, parry and punch right   N
11. Dragon lashes out tail with left axe foot  W 40. Circle and back elbow strike   N
12. Dragon lashes out tail with right axe foot   E 41. Turn, brush knee and push left   S
13. Whirl, parry, and punch right   S 42. Twisting strike with left elbow   W
14. Step up, drop hands and push   S 43. Stepping strike with left elbow   S
15. Retreat, deflect left and right   S 44. Chop with fists (forward, high )   S
16. Snake strike   SE 45. Step back, chop with fists (backwards, low )   S
17. Snake creeps down   N 46. Turn, jumping kick right   N
18. Twisting strike with right elbow   N 47. Punch with right fist   N
19. Dragon lashes out tail   N 48. Step back, dragon lashes tail, low and high   E
20. Stork cools wings   N 49. Hook and punch right   W
21. Eagle pierces sky   N 50. Hook and left palm strike N
22. Fair lady works the shuttles   NW 51. Clawing hands, axe foot right   N
  (option: add pounding fist, left and right ) 52. Hook and left palm strike   N
23. Snake creeps down   S 53. Retreat, clawing hands, axe foot left   N
24. Twisting strike with right elbow   E 54. Hook and right palm strike   N
25. Drilling fist (right and left )   W, E 55. Step back, deflect, clear, catch and punch right   N
  (option: repeat with back fist and/or whip fist variations )   (option: add crushing fist left and right )
26. Brush knee and push right   S 56. Retreat, double back palm strikes   N
  (option:add left and right brush knee and push ) 57. Advance, double front palm strikes   N
27. Needle at sea bottom   S 58. Slide back to close   N
28. Fan through back   S   (option: add Chen style closing )
Learn the movements slowly and carefully, attending to correct posture (bone level ). Then add softness, connecting and flowing from movement to movement smoothly and easily (muscle level ). Gradually start to add speed and weight to the strikes, being sure not to loose correct posture or relaxation. Finally, the strikes should explode into a coiled readiness for the next movement with the mind empty, relaxed, and receptive (energy and spirit levels ).

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