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What is T'ai-Chi?

T’ai-Chi is a Chinese word meaning “supreme ultimate”. The T’ai-chi symbol above represents a universal principle—the idea of an underlying wholeness and balance which unifies all opposites and all things. T’ai-chi Ch’uan is a martial art based on this principle. The basic training of this art is what most people call “T’ai-chi”. It is done in slow motion and is excellent for health, balance, self-awareness and relaxation.

What I Teach

There are many different styles of T’ai-Chi Ch’uan. I teach a symmetrical version of the Yang family style created by the Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-Tchen. All exercises are done left and right handed and include energy work, standing meditations, solo movements (short and long forms ), partnered sensitivity training (pushing hands ), martial applications (including a partnered form ), a faster energy-issuing form and T’ai-chi weaponry (solo and partnered forms ). Each part of this training reveals and supports a deeper sense of balance and centeredness.

My Approach

Although T’ai-chi Ch’uan is a martial art and I teach it that way, I am not primarily combat oriented. My focus is on using martial exercises to teach balance, relaxation, grounding and connectedness.
I use T’ai-chi as a physical, spiritual, and psychological mirror which reflects resistance as well as surrender to life, love and wholeness.

Levels Of Training

There are no “belts” in T’ai-Chi Ch’uan but I do see four interconnected levels of work.

The Bone Level:
learning the basic movements and fundamentals, aligning and adhering to stances.

The Muscle Level: learning to let go of excess tension to find fluidity, smoothness and grace, softening and relaxing stances.

The Energy Level: resting into a deeper energetic connection to everything, with intent leading energy, which leads the muscles and bones, referring to stances.

The Spiritual Level: releasing ego control and identification and allowing life itself to lead the intent, energy, muscles and bones, letting go of stances.

How I Teach

I mainly teach private lessons. I enjoy working with people one on one and can tailor a T’ai-Chi curriculum to suit your needs, fitness level and personal goals. You don’t need to study the entire art to benefit from T’ai-chi Ch’uan. Lessons are informal and friendly but serious. I am thorough, patient and I teach “from the ground up”. I give students strong basics and point the way to deeper relaxation, energy, spiritual surrender and understanding of T’ai-Chi principles in daily life. I encourage an atmosphere of warmth, honesty and safety.

My Background

I was certified to teach this system by Andrew Dale, chief instructor of the Xin Qi Shen Dojo in Seattle, WA. I have been teaching since 1985. I’ve worked with many beginners, including senior citizens, and pace instructions to each student’s individual learning speed and style. In addition to T'ai-Chi Ch’uan, I have studied other movement arts including Bagua, Hsing-I, Chen style T'ai-Chi, Contact Improvisation, Aikido and Yoga.


Resistance to T’ai-Chi can be deep and subtle. Developing a T’ai-Chi practice is an art in itself and not always easy. However, in order to experience the benefits of T’ai-Chi it is important to practice what you learn. If you are interested in developing a T’ai-Chi practice I can help you do that, but the work is yours.


My price for lessons depends on your financial situation. My sliding scale is affordable and flexible.

Why Study T'ai-Chi?   

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To feel more connectedness in life

To improve balance

To gently increase fitness, self- awareness and grace

To help heal an injury or illness

To improve posture

To develop a quiet, personal practice of self-exploration

To get more grounded

To slow down and relax

To better understand your self and your relationships

Click For Larger View  (Tai Chi in Ashland)

Click For Larger View  (Tai Chi in Ashland)
Click For Larger View  (Tai Chi in Ashland)

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