Basic Warm Up

  1. Curl down
  2. Slouch
  3. Curl down right
  4. Curl down left
  5. Curl down right with right hand behind head
  6. Curl down left with left hand behind head
  7. Curl down right with right toe up
  8. Curl down left with left toe up
  9. Swinging from the waist
10. Cloud hands in place
11. Swinging from the waist
12. Interlace fingers stretch (palms up )
13. Interlace fingers curl down (palms down )
14. Interlace fingers stretch (palms up )
15. Cross step to right, curl down
16. Curl down with "hook" hands
17. Cross step to left, curl down
18. Side stretch left
19. Side stretch right
20. Side stretch left
21. Side stretch right
22. Swinging from the waist
23. Brush knee in place
24. Swinging from the waist
25. One leg balance right
26. One leg balance left
27. Arm swing, up and down

On curl downs don't reach for the ground. Relax (especially the head and neck ) and let gravity help the stretch. All movements are done slowly with attention to relaxing into each position.

Chi Kung Exercises of Master Tchoung Ta-Tchen (Mt. Omei Style )

1. Crane cools wings
2. Spring
3. Bouncing (short spring )
4. Clam
5. Foxfairy bays at the moon
6. Mandarin duck

Learn the basic form first (bone level ). Then relax and find a natural easy flow (muscle level ). Then add correct breathing and feel the whole body, the whole movement (energy level ).

Simplified T'ai-chi Ch'uan Form

  1. Opening
  2. Parting horse's mane (left, right, left )
  3. White stork cools wings
  4. Brush knee and push (left, right, left )
  5. Raise hands
  6. Step back and repulse monkey (four times )
  7. Grasp sparrow's tail (left )
  8. Grasp sparrow's tail (right )
  9. Single whip
10. Wave hands like clouds (eight times )
11. Single whip
12. High pat on horse/split/shoulder strike
13. Kick with right heel
14. Wind fills ears
15. Turn and kick with left heel
16. Wind fills ears
17. Snake creeps down (right )
18. Golden rooster stands on left leg
19. Snake creeps down (left )
20. Fair lady works at shuttles (right )
21. Fair lady works at shuttles (left )
22. Step up/split/needle at sea bottom (weight right )
23. Fan through back (weight moving left )
24. Turn and chop with right fist
25. Step up/split/needle at sea bottom (weight left )
26. Fan through back (weight moving right )
27. Deflect, parry, and punch
28. Closing of simplified form