What Would Water Do?
Water Study Chi Kung with Gene Burnett

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I made this video back in 2005. For a number of years I had it for sale here at my site, but I've decided to get out of the hard copy business with many of my creative endeavors, so I'm offering it now as a free youtube link. If you find it helpful or useful to you in your life, please consider dropping a coin or two into my digital tip jar.

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Chapters Include:

Basic Concepts
1. Preface
2. Introduction

How to Prepare Your Body for Water Study Chi Kung
3. Bone Level
4. Muscle Level
5. Energy Level

Practicing Water Study Chi Kung in Different Locations
6. Ashland Creek
7. Bear Creek
8. Rogue River
9. Pacific Ocean
10. Pond
11. Trees

How Water Study Chi Kung Can Affect Other Activities
12. Other Chi Kung Methods
13. T'ai-Chi (Solo Forms)
14. T'ai-Chi (Partner Work)
15. Dancing
16. Daily Life
17. Conclusion

Gene Burnett teaches T'ai-Chi in Ashland OR and has been teaching since 1985. He was certified to teach T'ai-Chi by Andrew Dale, chief instructor of the Xin Qi Shen Dojo in Seattle, WA. He combines traditional Chinese principles of health, balance and self-defense with a Western, psychological, Bioenergetic approach in an on-going exploration of the body/mind connection.