Poetry By Gene Burnett

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These short poems were written between 2004 and 2008. For a number of years I had them for sale here at my site, but I've decided to get out of the hard copy business with many of my creative endeavors, so I'm offering them now as free pdf's.

I teach T'ai-Chi for a living and spend a lot of time outdoors teaching and practicing. To me, T'ai-Chi is an interesting mix of wild nature and human nature. When I'm practicing T'ai-Chi, I feel my animal biological self meeting my human civilized self. For this reason I prefer to practice T'ai-Chi in parks, where nature meets culture, rather than in a civilized training hall or out in the wilderness. A lot of the inspiration for these poems comes from what I observe in this ongoing process of balancing my wild nature and my civilized nature. Love and relationship is another arena where these two natures meet and is another source of inspiration for me.

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Short Poems (Volume one)
by Gene Burnett
Download Free .pdf

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