Songwriting For Geniuses

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I was asked by a friend what my secret was. How did I write so many good songs? I thought about it, and while I don't know exactly what "good" means in relation to art, I was moved to answer his question in the form of a blog post. I called it "Songwriting For Geniuses", as I had been working on a T'ai-Chi Book called "T'ai-Chi For Geniuses." The blog post got read by several of my songwriting friends and the response was so good, I decided to expand on my ideas and write a small book. So here it is!

"Songwriting for Geniuses" is a short but I hope useful book of 25 tips to help you, or someone you know, write better more satisfying songs. It's not about how to write commercial hits or the ins and outs of music theory. It's about trusting your inner "genius" to help you write songs that release a charge for you, and that express your thoughts and ideas in a satisfying way. Whether other people like your songs is up to them!

You should be able to order the book at your local bookstore or you can purchase it on line. Below you will find links to purchase the book through Amazon or IUniverse.

You'll also find a link to get a free look at the Introduction as well as the first of the 25 songwriting tips included in the book.


Free Introduction and First Tip

Buy "Songwriting For Geniuses" from

Buy "Songwriting For Geniuses" from